The Dreamality Corp has completed 30 movie experience with kids in 5 yrs.
Past Movie Making Experiences: Little Counselors, Custody Battle,  Little Stylist, Fund Raiser Bandit,The Day Dreamers, Kid Rescue, Wishful Thinking, Little Agents, Young Salon Fund, Little Scavengers, Kid Counselors, Little Beauty Shop, Minor Set Back, The Rekindlers, Little Life Savers, Playground Scavengers, Little Investigators, Day Care Heroes, Costume Sleep Over, Magic Button, Marriage Counselors, Special Agents, Camp Napping, Faith Lead Us Out, Little Inspectors, The Replacement Crew, Lashonda Learns about Bullying, The Investigators, Halloween Party & Slumber Party.                                                                                                             

                                                                                       Day Care Heroes 

                                                                                      Costume Sleep Over

                                                                                        Magic Button 

                                                                             Marriage Counselors 

                                                                                    Special Agent

                                                                                   Camp Napping

                                                                                Faith Lead Us Out

                                 Little Inspectors

                           The Replacement Crew


Red Carpet Events 

                     Lashonda Learns About Bullying


                                                                                 Halloween Party

                                                                                 Slumber Party 

Projects that has just wrapped:  The Replacement Crew & Lashonda Learns about bullying

Upcoming projects and classes!

Aug 12th.  Kid Counselors movie star experience.  Ends on Sep 3rd. 

Future Projects: 

Movie Making Experience – Assistant living program.  This is a program that will partner with assistant living facilities across the country to give seniors a chance to film a movie.  This full featured movie will be about an assistant living facility with multiple story lines and characters.  The residents are welcome to participate.  They will be assigned characters, rehearse scenes and film a movie.  Seniors with meet with the director once a week for four weeks to rehearse scenes and dialogue.  Production of the movie will start the following week and can last up to 10 days.  This can be a great excitement for seniors and for some, it could be the dream of a life time.

 Once the movie is completed, the seniors will dress up for a red-carpet movie premier, invite family and friends and have a small reception. Seniors will receive a certificate of completion with their character name included.




  • This program adds variety to the list of activities they have to choose from. 


  • Seniors may increase their employment opportunities in the entertainment industry based on their performance.

 Family members can also receive a copy the movie.  This will be a treasure for love ones to keep.

Movie Making Experience for Veterans-
The Dreamality Corporation is honored to extend the same movie making program to our retired veterans.  We will also service veterans that are not retired.  The veterans will have an additional activity to get involved in.  They will have the opportunity to learn about acting.  They will have the opportunity to film a short movie and attend their own movie premier.  This activity is unavailable to veterans and we would like to add this program to their choice selection.  The process will run similar to the movie making program for kids.